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Average SAT Scores for the Ivy Leagues

college building with pillarsThe average SAT scores for the Ivy Leagues are just as competitive as you probably think they are, but they’re certainly not impossible to reach.

There’s no magic trick to scoring well — students earn their scores through hard work and dedication. This year, however, applicants may have to work a little harder.

The most recently released SAT scores for Ivy League schools got even more competitive. While half the average scores last year started in the 1900s, this year only Harvard University, in its range of average SAT scores, listed a score lower than 2000. However, Harvard also listed the highest “average” score — a perfect 2400.

See how your score stacks up:

Ivy League Universities

Average SAT Score

(Middle 50%)

Brown University


Cornell University

Not provided.

Columbia University

2100 – 2330

Dartmouth College


Harvard University


Princeton University


University of Pennsylvania


Yale University


SAT Scores Aren’t All That Matters

Like other colleges around the country, admissions officers at the Ivy Leagues take your whole application into account. In fact, Cornell University refuses to publish its average scores so as not to dissuade students from applying.

Do you have an outstanding personal essay? Are you involved in many extracurricular activities? Is your grade point average a force to be reckoned with? All of these things count!

But if you want to improve your SAT score, there are plenty of things you can do. If you’re having a hard time preparing, consider taking a prep class or seeing a private tutor. Just like anything else, scoring well on the SAT means a lot of practice and hard work.

Keep an Open Mind

Whether or not you have your eyes on the Ivy League, it’s crucial to keep your options open and apply to a range of colleges just in case your number one choice doesn’t work out.  Even if your score isn’t in the range of average SAT scores for the Ivy Leagues, there are plenty of great schools waiting for you to apply!

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