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3 Steps Before Trying the SAT Again

Student taking testSAT scores from the Oct. 4 test date are scheduled to be released by web today.

Happy with your score? I hope so. But if you’re not, there’s a few things you can do before you try the SAT again.

1. Analyze your score. Was math your downfall? Spend extra time reviewing sample math questions. Did the reading section stump you? Concentrate on that instead.

2. Practice. OK, that’s an obvious one. But don’t forget to practice in different ways. Spend a little time each day going over questions. And time yourself taking at least one full practice test before the big day.

3. Learn about the College Board’s new policy. Beginning in spring 2009, you can decide which SAT scores to send to colleges and universities.

If you’ve taken the SAT before, you’ll probably be better prepared and less nervous if you take it again. That can’t hurt!

And if you are happy with your score, how did you prepare for the SAT?

One Response to “3 Steps Before Trying the SAT Again”

  1. Ibrahim Ismaila Says:

    hi,please i would like to get the college categories to apply to and to take the sat exams.hope to here you soon.

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