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SAT Scores for 25 Top Schools

Student taking test If you’re thinking about applying to some of the top colleges in the US, you’ll need to know the average SAT scores at these highly-ranked schools.

Most colleges require you to submit your scores from either the SAT or the ACT with your application, and many publish the average SAT scores for the middle 50% (25th-75th percentile) of their accepted applicants every year.

These colleges represent a range of options all over the country: public and private schools, tiny classes and overflowing lecture halls,liberal arts colleges and research institutions. They also display a range of average SAT scores.

The thing they have in common? They offer some of the best undergraduate educations you can get!

Colleges and Universities

Average SAT Score

(Middle 50%)

California Institute of Technology

2160 – 2380

Washington University in St. Louis

2085 – 2295

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2090 – 2350

Swarthmore College

2030 – 2320

Stanford University

2080 – 2350

Amherst College

2010 – 2290

Duke University

2040 – 2330

University of Chicago

2120 – 2350

Williams College

2010 – 2300

Northwestern University

2060 – 2310

Carleton College

2000 – 2270

Wellesley College

1940 – 2230

Rice University

2020 – 2290

Emory University

1920 – 2200

Bowdoin College

2010 – 2280

Vassar College

1960 – 2240

Haverford College

1980 – 2280

Vanderbilt University

2070 – 2230

University of Notre Dame

1990 – 2270

Tufts University

2030 – 2280

Davidson College

1890 – 2170

Middlebury College

1920 – 2230

Boston College

1900 – 2140

University of California – Berkeley

1790 – 2180

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

1780 – 2090

More Than an SAT Score

Preparing for your SATs and doing your best on the test is important, but there’s more to college admissions than getting a top SAT score. Even at these schools with high average SAT scores, many students with perfect scores are passed over in favor of students who have proven their abilities in other ways.

If you’re considering some of these top schools, their average SAT scores can serve as your testing goal. But remember to put as much effort into the other parts of your application as you do into your test scores – your other materials can convince admissions officers that you’re the perfect fit for their school!

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