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10 Genius Travel Hacks for Students

A special thanks to Housing Anywhere, today’s guest blogger.

students traveling abroad in Greece

Here are our top travel hacks to make your move or vacation abroad stress free and a little bit cheaper!

1. Go under the radar.

When you’re looking for or booking flights, delete your cookies and turn on private browsing mode on your browser (Incognito mode on Chrome). A lot of airlines and aggregators track how many times you’ve visited the site, the more you visit the more they’ll raise the ticket price. If you’re looking privately then you won’t be tracked.

2. Roll. Don’t fold.

No more sitting on your suitcase trying to cram everything in. Rolling up your clothes will save a lot more space than folding them.

student using iPhone

3. Hack your maps.

Google maps has a seriously awesome hidden feature and you just need to know the password. Well, magic phrase: “OK Maps”(without the quotation marks). Just enter the phrase on your Google maps and the map that’s on your screen will be saved directly onto your device. Now you’ll be able to use your maps offline and it’s a lot better than simply screenshotting because it allows you to zoom in for greater detail. Perfect for avoiding unnecessary data charges.

4. Plug into a TV.

If you forget your phone charger plug, simply plug your USB cable into the the USB slot in the back of the TV!

5. Ask for a fragile label.

Always request to have your luggage marked as ‘fragile’, not only will this prevent your suitcase being thrown around too much, but it also ensures that your luggage will be first out at baggage reclaim. Ensuring you a quick escape from the airport.

girl wearing lots of bracelets giving a thumbs up

6. Store your small valuables.

Use a pill container to store small items like jewelry. This will stop all your small valuables getting damaged, tangled or spilling in your case.

7. Be underwear smart.

Pack your underwear in your carry-on bag (just in case your luggage is lost).

8. Copy your documents.

Take a pictures of your passport and all your important documents (like your student visa and ID card), in the event they get lost. Upload them onto the cloud (for Apple users) or Dropbox in case your phone is lost or stolen.

foreign language learning dictionaries

9. Have 90+ languages in your pocket.

Let’s be real, not everyone can learn an entire language before they go abroad. iTranslate is a totally free app that lets you translate any language you desire, it even plays an audio of what you want to say.

Of course, if you have the time beforehand, it’s always advisable to learn a few key phrases in the language. For example, “Hello,” “Please,” “Thank you,” and “Where’s the bathroom?”

And if you need to have any of your travel documents translated, always turn to the help of a professional translation company. While a translation app is fine for on-the-fly conversational help, it’s definitely not something you want to entrust the translation of your passport or visa to.

10. Leave some free space in your suitcase.

However long you’re going abroad for it’s likely that you’ll return with more stuff than you went with. Pack smart and anticipate your return journey. logoAbout Housing Anywhere: is Europe’s leading booking platform for student accommodation. Working closely with over 120 universities worldwide, Housing Anywhere helps their students to easily find and securely book accommodation abroad – and connects those students with trusted landlords on its platform. Housing Anywhere offers students, private landlords and commercial housing operators a platform to advertise their rooms to — and get them booked by — a global audience of over 3 million students annually.

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