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International Students: Free College Tuition!

The London Eye in EnglandInternational students: have you always dreamed of free tuition for college in the United States?

Now it can be a reality!

The Community College Summit Initiative Program offers opportunities to qualified students to come study in community colleges in the US for free!

Conditions to Receive Free Tuition for College:

  • The opportunity is only available to students from Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa and Turkey.
  • The program only allows you to spend one year studying at community colleges in the United States and earn a vocational certificate. It is not a four-year program at a traditional US university.
  • The fields of study for the program are: agriculture, applied engineering, business management and administration, early childhood education, information technology, media, and tourism and hospitality management.

This program offers free tuition for community colleges in the US, which are not the same as four-year colleges. They often require that the students have a more specialized field of study, and do not offer on-campus housing.

The Community College Initiative program is a great chance for international students to get free tuition for college, learn the ropes of the field they’re interested in, as well as get a taste of life in the US.

How to Apply

If you’re eligible to apply, contact the Public Affairs section of your local U.S. Embassy or the binational Fulbright Commission for updated information about the program.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to get free tuition for college!

19 Responses to “International Students: Free College Tuition!”

  1. Kazeem Says:

    I checked through the information posted on free tuition eligibility but my country Nigeria Wasnt among. Do you mean resourceful students from Nigeria are less valued in your country?

  2. Polina at University Language Says:

    No, it simply means that this particular program does not apply to Nigerian students.

  3. Nasser Hussein AL-Azazi Says:

    Does this program applied for Yemeni students ?

  4. Polina at University Language Says:


    I don’t believe it applies to students from Yemen. To be sure, follow the link specified in the post and see the full list of countries.

  5. Dmitriy Says:

    Hy! Does this programm apllied for Uzbek students?

  6. Diane at University Language Says:


    Click on the link in the blog post for up-to-date info!

  7. franklin Says:


    my name is franklin, a student from Ghana. how does this apply to us? and also i will be very happy if you sent me an email package containing detailed information on your qualification prerequisite.

    Medase (thank you)

  8. Diane at University Language Says:

    Franklin — Click on the link to the “Community College Summit Initiative Program” at the top of the post to get more information. University Language is not a college, so we have no prerequisites!

  9. dele Says:

    can nigeria student apply too

  10. Diane at University Language Says:

    Dele — Go to the Community College Summit Initiative Program website to find up-to-date information about which countries are eligible!

  11. Emmanuel. Says:

    CHIBUIKE EMMA. Nig. Information as this are valuable but not useable to students from Nigeria. We are supposed to be entitled to Educational opportunities as this. I suggest educational information as this should be made available for Nigerian students we should be carried along.thanks.

  12. Susan Mundia. Says:

    Hello! I have checked through the eligibility form but my country Zambia is not there on the list.I have a certificate in Tourism and Travel and currently working as a firefighter and wish to do Tourism and Hospitality Management.Please help.

  13. Iheanachor Says:

    Please liase with relevant authorities so as to include Nigerians and other African students in this Tuition Free Community Colleges as there are countless gifted people in Nigeria who are supposed to be eligible for this opportunity. Nigerians have contributed very significantly in the USA so why should we be discriminated against. Please it’s not fair. Only Ghana, Eqypt and South Africa are considered eligible, so what is the criteria?

  14. Dayo Says:

    So what are the opportunities that a prospective student from Nigeria can enjoy?

  15. Amy at University Language Says:

    Dayo – There are many opportunities available for Nigerian students. This guide may help:

    Research the individual universities to which you are applying for more information.



    I want to go to college but i do not have money pleas help me for admission in NOWAY or any COUNTRY that i will not PAY for TUITION FEE please our Government in Nigeria do not cherish EDUCATION please HELP ME OUT SIR.
    Yours faithfuly
    folajoba o jayeoba

  17. Beatrice Choloply Says:


    I am Beatrice from Liberia. I did not see my country name mentioned on the country’s list of eligibility.

    Are you not thinking about Liberia?

    Oh God, please think about mentioning my country, Liberia on the list.

  18. Omer Says:

    Can international students from Pakistan attend free community college in USA and transfer to a four year degree University after completion of community college within usa?

  19. Okeniyi Olaide Says:

    Please consider nigeria for this program I beg. Nigeria need your assistance

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