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How to Get Involved in the November Election

University of California campusAs the November election approaches, you may find that the excitement surrounding it is contagious. If you’ve never been particularly political before, now is the perfect time to get more involved!

Here are some ideas that may work for you, regardless of your experience or level of commitment to politics.

Register to Vote

This is one task every student should prioritize. You won’t regret it, even long after this November election, since registering to vote will allow you to add your voice to political elections in the future. Most colleges make it easy to register to vote, putting out tables in the quad during campus events, especially during the first week of classes.

But you can also register to vote elsewhere, such as at the local department of motor vehicles or the county clerk’s office. You can also often complete this task online before the November election, depending on which state you are in, since some states require you to register in-person or by mail only. Many states also require you to register weeks or even a month before the next election, so do not wait until November to register to vote.

Educate Yourself on the Issues

You can get an idea of each candidate’s positions by checking out their websites before the November election. Of course, the information you will receive at each candidate’s website may be biased, so you may want to get information elsewhere, too, before feeling fully informed about the politicians running for election.

Your college newspaper should have news about politics leading up to the November presidential election, so you can keep up with the latest information by reading this paper frequently. You can also read newspapers throughout your city or state to stay up-to-date. Watching November election coverage on TV in the student union or from your dorm can be helpful, too.

Join Political Clubs

Most colleges have extracurricular activities that involve politics. At the very least, you should be able to find a club for each political party, especially in an election year when students are getting excited about what’s to come in November.

Joining these clubs can help you get involved in the November election and beyond. You’ll be able to get updated on the latest political news, have discussions with other members and even attend political rallies. Most clubs allow you to get as involved with politics as you want to, so you can join regardless of your amount of free time or level of commitment.

Volunteer for Your Favorite Candidate

If you really want to affect the outcome of the November election — using more than your vote! — you can volunteer for the candidate you believe in most. You can contact the campaign staff to find out how you can help. You may end up going door-to-door with pamphlets endorsing your candidate, or you might be asked to make phone calls to local residents so you can discuss why they should vote for your candidate.

Of course, if you have more money than you have time, a simple monetary donation can also make a difference in your favorite candidate’s campaign. In the end, the way you get involved with the November election is up to you, and you have plenty of opportunities as a student!

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