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Looking Toward the Future: Wesley Adrianson

Student looking at Golden Gate BridgeHigh school senior Wesley Adrianson has high standards for colleges – and he can size up a campus in just a few hours.

“An eager tour guide, a clean and beautiful campus, and an engaged student body” are important to Wesley, as well as “vibrancy and enthusiasm” in a college. He also wants to hear what makes the college stand out from other schools.

Wesley recently won the grand prize in University Language Services’ fall 2012 scholarship contest for his photo of the University of California, Berkeley, and his essay which compared universities to bridges.  An apt comparison, as Wesley plans to major in engineering.

“I want to work on the world’s most challenging and exciting problems,” Wesley says, “hopefully using my technical strengths and creative mindset to make a difference in people’s lives.”

In his scholarship essay, Wesley emphasized the connection between past and future by saying “Colleges are the institutions that while mindful of the past are constantly driving us forward.” This forward-thinking outlook will no doubt be an asset to Wesley as he furthers his studies at one of the many universities he is considering.

Wesley is looking forward to the focus provided by a college education – “allowing me to delve deep into the specific knowledge of the areas that interest me the most.” He also anticipates learning with fellow excited, determined students, who will “[provoke] my thought and inspire me to achieve more.”

Hopefully, college will also provide an avenue for Wesley to explore his many extracurricular interests, which include water polo, playing the trumpet, painting, sketching and snowboarding.

Wesley’s desire to make a difference and his interest in engaging with the outside world made his entry stand out, and these assets will also help him pursue engineering with creativity and passion at the college of his choice. Congratulations and best of luck, Wesley!

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