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Planning to Study Abroad? Try Our Tips to Reduce Stress

study abroad stressPlanning to study abroad can be a stressful experience, from figuring out little things like electrical converters and packing to serious needs like making sure your visa is in order.

There are tons of things to consider when you go abroad — like what not to do and how to stay safe — but here are some tried and true general study abroad tips that should help reduce your stress as you prepare to travel.

In fact, you should start getting excited about your trip — keep in mind that every task you check off this list puts you closer to studying abroad in a country that is new to you.

Make Travel Arrangements

  • Obtain or update your passport.
  • Apply for a visa when necessary.
  • Find out if you need any vaccinations before going to your destination.
  • Obtain copies of any medical records you need to enter the country.
  • Find out if you need new credit cards and decide if you want to open a bank account in your study abroad destination.
  • Have your mail forwarded to either your parents or your new address.
  • Purchase your plane ticket as early as possible.
  • Plan how to get from the airport to your hostel, dorm or other study abroad housing arrangements.

Research Your Destination

  • Before packing, research the weather where you have decided to study abroad.
  • Learn the basics of the language if you are not already fluent.
  • Get study abroad tips by reading guidebooks for the country you are going to.
  • Find out if your current or future college can share any study abroad tips or put you in touch with a current or past fellow international student.
  • If you are still applying to your future college, get any necessary translations of your personal documents.
  • Research the popular sports and entertainment options in the country before you get there.
  • Find out if packing a plug/voltage converter for electronics is necessary.
  • Learn if there are any groups for study abroad students at your new college.
  • Gather your insurance options and purchase coverage before you leave to study abroad.

Get Your Study Abroad Packing Done Early

  • Make a list of everything you use regularly before you pack to study abroad.
  • Determine how many suitcases you can comfortably travel with while studying abroad.
  • Start packing clothes and shoes that are appropriate for the weather.
  • Order and pack extra contact lenses and medications before you leave to study abroad.
  • Don’t pack anything you can purchase for a reasonable price when you arrive.
  • Check off each item as you place it in your suitcase.

Say Goodbye to Loved Ones for Now

  • Be sure to tell your best friends and family how long you will be gone.
  • Let other friends and acquaintances know about the trip.
  • Ask for any study abroad tips your friends might know.
  • Find out if anyone you know might be visiting the country while you are there.
  • Exchange contact information with everyone, including your email address, new home address and Skype name.
  • Remind them that you will be posting pictures to keep them updated!
  • Take a picture with friends and family members shortly before you leave to capture your excitement.

Finally, one of the most important study abroad tips is to enjoy your trip, since it will go by quickly!

If you have studied abroad or are abroad right now, do you have any tips to prepare for the trip?

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