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International Student Airfare for the Holidays

International students may have the time to go home during their college’s winter break, but they might not have the money for airfare.

Expensive plane tickets are convincing some international students to stay in the US this month instead of visiting family and friends in their native country, according to the Oklahoma Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

“The cheapest ticket I found for round trip is $3,665,” Piyamas “Ann” Saengsuri, a student from Thailand, told the newspaper. “This made me decide to stay in the states for this holiday.”

Flying home for the holidays? Be sure to compare prices to find the best deal on airfare. Some travel agencies cater to students, have offices near college campuses, and offer cheaper airfares than you may find elsewhere.

Staying in the US? American airports are notoriously busy (and airfares, notoriously expensive) around the holidays, but you may find a good deal on airfare at the last minute. Also consider renting a car (if you have the appropriate paperwork to drive as an international student) or buying a bus ticket to visit a nearby region of the country.

Remaining on campus? As we wrote before Thanksgiving, many campuses sponsor or at least know about holiday activities specifically for international students who aren’t going home. Otherwise, relax, unwind and maybe even apply for our new scholarship!

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