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5 Best Cities for International Students

If you want to go to school outside of your home country but aren’t sure where to go, you’ll appreciate knowing what the best cities for international students are.

Fortunately, TopUniversities took a look at hundreds of cities and came up with the best ones for international students to attend. Check out which cities made the top five and why.

Melbourne, Australia5. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne made the list because it’s home to seven highly ranked universities. But international students going to college in this city don’t merely study in their free time.

They have plenty of fun things to do and see, from breathtaking beaches and entertaining comedy clubs to tons of venues dedicated to music, nightlife, fashion, art and more.

This city is known for being very diverse and offering lots of opportunities to learn about other cultures as a result. Its numerous multicultural celebrations every year are an example of this.

The only reason Melbourne didn’t score higher on the list of best cities for international students is that it’s not as affordable as it once was. The average international fees total a little above $23,000 USD.

Seoul, South Korea4. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is another city that’s packed with great universities, considering that 18 of them are ranked highly by TopUniversity. Not surprisingly, local employers flock to this city to find well-qualified recent graduates, since Seoul ranked second in the Employer Activity category.

Like Melbourne, Seoul has lots of ways for students to unwind. Picture teahouses that are open all night, and gaming centers that welcome students who have a love of video games. Basically, there’s something to do here at all times.

If you want to get away from all the activity of the big city, you can head to the many tiny villages just outside of Seoul for some relaxation and perspective.

All of these benefits are extremely affordable to international students, as the fees only total $6,300. Where else are you going to get an education for that amount? So if you’re hoping for an affordable college experience, Seoul is a good place to start.

London, England3. London, England

London has been among the best cities for international students for years, and there are a few reasons for this. One is the sheer number of top ranked universities, since there are 17 here.

And of course, London is where thousands of big businesses are located, so working here once you graduate is a definite possibility. After all, this city ranked third in Employer Activity, so employers clearly hold the colleges here in high regard.

Like Melbourne, the main drawback of London is the cost of getting an education here, or merely even living in this city. The average fees are a bit over $21,000, so international students should plan accordingly if they want to study here.

Paris, France2. Paris, France

Who hasn’t considered studying in France? It’s no surprise that Paris made second place on the list of best cities for international students. It has 18 highly ranked universities to choose from.

When you’re not in class, you can count on having plenty to see. Imagine doing your homework in a quaint Parisian café, or taking in a view of the Eiffel Tower while you study for a test. And think about visiting the Louvre to get inspiration for that art project, or going to an ancient castle before your history test.

Granted, this all comes at a price, thanks to the high cost of living in Paris. However, the tuition here is surprisingly low, with an average of $2,900. So even if you’re worried about affordability, Paris might be possible for you.

Montreal, Canada1. Montreal, Canada

Known as the cultural capital of Canada, Montreal has earned its spot at the top of the list of best cities for international students. It only has three well ranked universities, but one of them – McGill University – is considered 30th in the world and 1st in Canada.

If you don’t yet speak French, you’ll learn quickly once you arrive in Montreal and start school. You can expect to be surrounded by not only people who speak French, but also students from all over the world, since Montreal is a common destination for immigrants.

With international fees around $12,000, Montreal is not the cheapest city to study in. But it’s still more affordable than many other cities for international students. And once you factor in the incredible multicultural, inclusive atmosphere, you’ll likely feel you’re getting a lot for your money.

Do you plan on applying to school in any of the best cities for international students?

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