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In today’s world, more and more students are traveling to different parts of the world to further their education. Studying in a different country is exciting and mind-opening, but like most exciting and mind-opening things, it is risky.

International students step out of their comfort zones and into a whole new environment. Further, they are encouraged to embrace the risk and to try new things. Therefore, it is imperative that international students protect themselves while they travel and study somewhere other than their home country.

In fact, most schools require international and study abroad students to purchase some kind of international student insurance. Unfortunately, the school mandated program is usually very expensive.  Most schools do, however, give the option of waiving out of the mandated plan. But, at the same time, waiving out by use of a private insurer is time consuming and tedious.

A great deal of factors affect the monetary amount of international student insurance premiums: benefit limits, deductibles, pre-existing conditions, etc. All of these particulars must be taken into consideration when making a purchase. One of the most important things to consider is the possibility of spending more money in the long run. Simply because one has minimum coverage for accidents and sicknesses does not mean that there will be no out-of-pocket expense. A plan with a premium of $10 per month sounds amazing, but when one looks at the summary of benefits, they could find that the deductible is $500 per injury or illness.

For students, frugality and money management become a big concern from the first purchase of a used textbook, to the first payment towards student loans. All too quickly students find out that cheaper is not always better. Cutting corners becomes second nature; they buy used books instead of new books, and store brand groceries instead of the name brands. Most of the time, cutting corners leads to a loss in quality. The books are marked up, and the groceries may lack flavor. But what if a student could cut corners without cutting out quality?

International Student Protection (ISP) provides affordable and comprehensive student health insurance plans for international students coming into the United States, and US students studying abroad. The ISP plans have high benefits, which meet or exceed most college/university requirements. The best part is, students do not have to go through the hassle of figuring out which plan works for them.

ISP distinguishes itself from other providers by its personalized service. All participants have access to live, fully-trained customer service representatives standing by to answer any and all questions, from understanding insurance jargon to meeting university requirements. In addition, ISP’s automated online enrollment system makes purchasing coverage and checking the status of a claim convenient and easy for students. Immediately upon enrolling online, participants receive coverage confirmation, as well as a temporary ID card and individual certificate of insurance.
Please visit www.intlstudentprotection.com, for more information.


A big thanks to International Student Protection for today’s post! ISP offers competitive, affordable insurance plans for international students traveling to the US, US students traveling abroad and non-student visitors traveling to the US. Students can use the easy and convenient automated online enrollment to make purchases and check the status of a claim.

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