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Win a $500 College Scholarship from ULS!

High school students — great news! ULS wants to know what college means to you, and you could win a $500 scholarship just for letting us know!

What catches your eye? What draws you in and excites you about college? As you’re visiting college campuses this year, take a snapshot and show us. It could be anything — the school’s football team, the famous library, a lecture hall, or something completely different. Be creative!

Here’s how the contest works:

Submit a photo you’ve taken while visiting a college campus, along with a 200-word description of why that photo represents college to you.

After each round of the contest, we’ll post the six best submissions on our website. Then, you and other visitors to our site can vote for your favorite! The two photos with the most votes will be the finalists for that round.

Here are the dates you need to know:

Photos Submitted By:

Vote Between:

Round One:

June 18, 2010

June 21-27, 2010

Round Two:

July 2, 2010

July 6-12, 2010

Round Three:

July 16, 2010

July 19-25, 2010

Round Four:

July 30, 2010

Aug. 2-8, 2010

Round Five:

Aug. 13, 2010

Aug. 16-22, 2010

Round Six:

Aug. 27, 2010

Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 2010

Round Seven:

Sept. 10, 2010

Sept. 13-19, 2010

Round Eight:

Sept. 24, 2010

Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2010

At the end of the final round, the scholarship winners will be chosen from the 16 finalists! First place will win a $500 scholarship, and second and third places will each receive $100 scholarships.

Remember, photos do not need to be taken the month that they are submitted, but they must have been taken this year and during a college campus visit!

Check out the official rules and regulations for more information and submit your entry.

The deadline for the scholarship competition is September 24, 2010. So grab your cameras and get creative!

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