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Resume Extracurricular Activities to Include

Resume extracurricular activities, particularly for students and recent graduates with little work experience, demonstrate important skills that are valuable in the work place. If you’re getting ready to graduate this year, it’s time to reconsider your resume.

extracurricular activities on your resumeThe extracurricular activities you list on your resume should be tailored to what you’re pursuing professionally. If there is a distinct correlation between an extracurricular activity and your desired profession, then you should include it. For example, if you would like to pursue a legal license and spent three years on the debate team, that resume extracurricular activity contributes value.

Sometimes, however, extracurricular activities detract from your resume, in which case you should not include them. Don’t know which ones to list? Keep resume extracurricular activities if they demonstrate your commitment to these activities, skills and responsibilities:

1. Managing People and Events

Have you acted as a leader in any of your extracurricular activities? Been captain of the football team? Editor-in-chief at your school newspaper? Mention it on your resume!

Managerial skills, even in your school newspaper, demonstrate your ability to work with and organize a group–an impressive extracurricular activity!

2. Study Abroad and Foreign Language Programs

Proficiency in more than one language is a valuable asset anywhere you go, including the workplace. Your attempt at learning another language (however successful), looks attractive on a resume.

Studying abroad demonstrates a desire to explore new cultures and the ability to integrate quickly with other people, which is a valuable skill in the workplace.

3. Community Service

As a resume extracurricular activity, it doesn’t get much better than community service. This shows that you’re a self-starter, that you’re selfless, and that you care about the community that you’re part of. With enough resume extracurricular activities like these, you’ll be preparing for a job interview in no time.

4. Writing & Technical Experience

If you have writing experience or technical training, these are great resume extracurricular activities to include. Even if they seem unrelated, these skills are useful in nearly all workplaces.

Being able to express yourself, in English or HTML, is a skill that companies greatly value, so let your resume tell them how experienced you are!

5. Long-Term Dedication

If you’ve had a job or extracurricular activity that you’ve worked on for a long period of time, mention it on your resume even if it doesn’t relate to the job you’re applying for.

The ability to commit to a specific task for an extended period of time is an admirable and attractive aspect of resume extracurricular activities.

Resume extracurricular activities should be carefully selected. Listing dozens of unrelated, passing extracurricular activities says little about you and makes you seem unfocused.

Listing relevant and admirable resume extracurricular skills shows employers what kind of work ethic you have and what valuable skills you can bring to the table.

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