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Best Winter Break Jobs

students working together on an art projectWinter break jobs for college students can be a great way to boost a resume or just to make some quick cash. Some of the hottest holiday jobs also pay surprisingly well, leaving you with money for presents for friends, family – and yourself!

Others don’t pay at all, but can serve as a great addition to your resume while allowing you to give something back to your local community.

Here are a few ideas of part time jobs you can do to make the most of your college winter break:

Cater Waiter Gigs

Holiday season always means lots of holiday parties, many of which employ catered food and drink services. Catering companies are often on the lookout for extra hands.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that waiting for a catering company can be tiring work: you may be required to help lug chairs and tables, carry plates, refill glasses and more – whatever it is, you’ll be on your feet for a long time. The plus side is that you usually walk away with a nice chunk of money at the end of the night, often in cash.

Retail Rush Help

Many retailers employ extra staff in December. You may be required to help customers, restock shelves and take inventory. If you have a crafty streak, you may even score a job as a holiday gift wrapper.

While it may not be the job you want after college, it’s a short-term job that can provide plenty of regular hours for students who have lots of extra time on their hands when home for the holidays.

Package Delivery

A number of delivery companies hire additional people around the holiday season, when people all across the United States are sending and receiving gifts to and from loved ones. Don’t worry, you won’t be driving one of those big UPS trucks around! Usually the extra help simply accompanies the driver, running up to houses and making the delivery while he/she waits in the car, which makes the process more efficient.

Ski Resort Jobs

While most ski resorts prefer to hire seasonal staff for multimonth contracts, you may be able to find temporary holiday work to accommodate increased traffic.

From parking lot attendants to waiters and ski instructors, most ski resorts offer a huge variety of jobs. What’s more, some of the positions, like ski instructor, are among extracurricular activities that look great on a resume.

Charitable Work

Some of the best winter break jobs for college students won’t earn you a cent. While volunteer work won’t exactly make you rich, it’s a great thing to do around the holiday season (and, yes, I will also say that volunteering does look good on your resume). There are many different volunteer opportunities around the holidays, from helping to cook and serve Christmas dinner at soup kitchens and homeless shelters, to working as one of those bell ringers for the Salvation Army.

I’m definitely not a regular volunteering saint, but I have done some holiday volunteer work. One year I sang carols with friends at a nursing home, and another year a bunch of my friends and I threw a Christmas morning party for families with nowhere else to go at our local homeless shelter. We didn’t get paid, obviously, and to be honest, it was in some ways a saddening (yet thought-provoking) experience.

Ultimately, however, it was well worth it to feel like we’d done something for others besides our loved ones, and I definitely would recommend volunteering as a great winter break job for college students.

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