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SAT Subject Tests: Show Schools Your Specialties

The results of your SAT reasoning test aren’t the only scores some colleges and universities want to see.

Some, but not all, schools ask applicants to take one or more SAT Subject Tests. Even if a subject test is not a requirement for admission, you may wish to show the school that you have special expertise in a specific area.

SAT Subject Tests are available in more than a dozen fields, including several languages.

You Can Take an SAT Subject Test In:

Remember: SAT Subject Tests do NOT replace the standard SAT reasoning test, and you cannot take subject tests on the same day that you take the reasoning test.

You are permitted to take up to three SAT Subject Tests on the same day, but the tests are not all offered on the same day. In fact, some of the tests are offered only once or twice per year.

If you want to take any subject tests, carefully plan when you will take them. Make sure you take the SAT Subject Tests early enough that the schools you are applying to have time to receive the scores.

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