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Shaping Her Values: Kelsey Tyler

Yale University campusKelsey Tyler isn’t afraid to embrace change.

Kelsey says that incorporating different perspectives is an important part of who she is. She’s eagerly anticipating learning new things in college, as well as “interacting with new people in a completely different environment and culture.”

For her third-place scholarship winning entry, she took a photo of a gate at Yale University with her family standing on the other side. This faraway glimpse of her family reminded her that “at some point, my views will not be identical to theirs.”

“I believe college will give me a newfound independence with which I can further explore my interests and discover my passions,” Kelsey says.

Although she’s excited about what’s to come, she wants to keep the doors open to the past — she looks forward to returning to her family with “new treasures, whether they are captivating photographs or fascinating perspectives.”

Photography and volleyball are some of Kelsey’s main hobbies. Also a lover of the humanities, she plans to major in English or Communications.

Kelsey’s scholarship entry showed a mature perspective and ability to think for herself, as well as a willingness to learn from others. This open-mindedness will help her considerably at whatever college she chooses to attend. Best of luck, Kelsey!

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