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How to Get College Acceptance Letters

To become an international student in the US, you must do everything in the right order.

You must apply to a US school before you get college acceptance letters, and you must have a college acceptance letter before you can get your student visa– or even collect some scholarships.

That’s the issue with one student who asked us a question. This student has a scholarship, “but to get this scholarship I have to get acceptance letters first from any university” in the US. How?

Step 1: Complete a US university application. The application, which you usually can find online, asks for personal and academic information, such as your name, birthday, grades, test scores and extracurricular activities. You also may have to write an admissions essay.

Step 2: Submit the paperwork by the application deadline. The deadline varies from college to college, so make sure you find out exactly when this is. It could be in December (or even sooner if you are applying early decision). Some schools — particularly community colleges — have deadlines that are later.

Step 3: Send supplemental material, if needed. Check if the college you are applying to requires any additional essays or material. Also make sure the college received your complete application.

Step 4: Wait for your college acceptance letters!

Ideally you should apply to several colleges. This will give you options just in case you aren’t admitted to one or more of the colleges where you sent an application.

Good luck!

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