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So You’ve Been Waitlisted…Now What?

February 1, 2016 in Applying to College | No comments so far

Student receiving college waitlist letter

When you’ve been waiting months for an official acceptance or rejection from a college, it can be disheartening to get waitlisted instead. The good news is, just because you’ve been waitlisted doesn’t mean you have to sit around doing nothing. There are still ways for you to help increase your chances of admission.

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How to Start Studying for the TOEFL

January 28, 2016 in International Students, Testing | No comments so far

studying for the TOEFL

Studying for the TOEFL is a big deal. Really mastering those test skills and language skills takes time and work. The good news is that starting to study for the TOEFL doesn’t have to be hard. There are a few simple steps you can take to start your TOEFL studies. And once you get started, it should be easy to continue.

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How International Students Can Study Abroad, Too

January 14, 2016 in International Students, Living in the US, Study Abroad | No comments so far

international students study abroad

Studying abroad is a popular choice for US college students, but many international students forget that they have this option, too. Just because you’ve already traveled overseas to study in the US doesn’t mean you can’t check out another country for a semester or even a year on a study abroad program.

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Why You Should Participate in Class

January 5, 2016 in Academics | 19 Comments

student participating in class

As someone who always hated to participate in class, I know how difficult it can be to speak up.

However, there are several benefits — both during college and after — to class participation.

In today’s post, we’ll give you some very good reasons why participating in class beats sitting quietly in the corner.

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High School Extracurriculars: 3 Ways to Shine

December 12, 2015 in Applying to College, High School | No comments so far

art supplies

If you’re a college hopeful worried that your application still has a few holes in it, there’s no question about it: it’s time to start signing up for some extracurricular activities while you’re still in high school.

But there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you go about joining and participating in these activities in the right way. Learn what they are, and how to make the most of your extracurricular college experience.

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5 Alternative Study Abroad Destinations

December 2, 2015 in Study Abroad, Travel | No comments so far


If you have the chance to study abroad, you have the opportunity to not just learn about a different culture, but actually experience it. Why not make the most of it by exploring a country that few other students get to visit?

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Rooming with Your Best Friend in College: The Kiss of Death?

December 2, 2015 in Off-Campus Housing, Student Life | 3 Comments

two girls eating Chinese takeout in dorm

Rooming with your best friend in college might seem like the best idea ever.

After all, it’s your best friend so it will be a blast, right? Not necessarily.

Just because you’ve shared everything with your pal in the past, from crayons to crushes, doesn’t mean you should share a living space.

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Taking a Gap Year: Is It Right for You?

November 22, 2015 in Applying to College, Money, Paying for College | 1 Comment

Oyem, Gabon

Taking a gap year allows students to save money, do volunteer work and get some life experience before enrolling in college. But a gap year isn’t for everyone. How do you know if taking a gap year is right for you?

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How to Transfer Colleges as an International Student

November 16, 2015 in Applying to College, International Students, Moving | No comments so far

student thinking

If the US school you’re attending as an international student isn’t right for you, transferring colleges may a good decision. But before you make any moves, it’s important that you know the right steps to take when it comes to transferring colleges.

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College Housing Options When Studying Abroad: Choosing the Right Fit for You

November 10, 2015 in Blog, International Students, Off-Campus Housing, Student Housing, Study Abroad | No comments so far

two packed suitcases

So you’ve decided to study abroad and you’ve even selected the ideal program, but there’s one glaring issue: where will you live?

Most study abroad programs offer a variety of different housing options, though it depends on the college or university you’ve selected.

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