By: Guest On: July 8, 2020 In: Student Life Comments: 0

Maintaining mental health in college is often a challenge in its own right, and in these uncertain times it's...

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By: Guest On: June 30, 2020 In: College Classes Comments: 0

Online programs have become a mainstream option for many of students, but some worry about the unknowns that come...

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By: Guest On: June 19, 2020 In: Graduation, Money, Paying for College Comments: 0

Student loan debt is one of the largest amounts of money owed by people around the world today.

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By: Guest On: June 10, 2020 In: Applying to College, High School Comments: 0

The trick to writing a great admissions essay is to start writing and exploring every day.

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By: Guest On: May 27, 2020 In: Jobs, Money Comments: 0

Check out these seven ways to earn some extra cash without ever having to leave your room.

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By: Guest On: May 13, 2020 In: Internships, Jobs Comments: 1

If you’re passionate about getting a certain position but don’t have any relevant job experience, you could still make...

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By: Chelsea & Victor On: May 6, 2020 In: Education, Translation Comments: 2

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt every aspect of modern life, it's clear that the higher education system will be...

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By: Guest On: April 28, 2020 In: Jobs, Money Comments: 0

The work environment has seen great changes as employees must work from home or file for unemployment, some for...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: April 22, 2020 In: Blog, Jobs Comments: 0

If you're feeling nervous about an upcoming online job interview, use these helpful tips to put your mind at...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: April 15, 2020 In: Graduate School Comments: 0

If you’re considering applying to graduate school, you need to plan at least a year in advance. Get an...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: April 7, 2020 In: High School, Starting College Comments: 0

Having some idea of the differences can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed once you arrive on campus.

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By: Guest On: March 30, 2020 In: Graduation Comments: 0

With the current international climate, planning for life after graduation can lead to uncertainty.

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By: Guest On: March 24, 2020 In: Jobs, Study Abroad Comments: 0

Let’s explore the ways in which you can include your studies abroad in your resume.

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By: Guest On: March 17, 2020 In: Moving Comments: 0

Furnishing your space can be one of the most stressful aspects of moving, but it doesn’t have to be.

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