Get a byline and an audience with University Language.

Boost your resume while you highlight your college or study abroad destination for thousands of students — and potential classmates — from around the world.

University Language invites campus correspondents of all majors including students currently studying internationally or abroad to contribute to our blog, newsletter, and website.

So whether you’re studying math in Minnesota, journalism in Japan, or geography in Germany, we want you to share what’s fun, new, and interesting on your campus!

  • Tell us what it was like when you first arrived in your study abroad destination.
  • Explain your school’s traditions and customs.
  • Share what you wish you would have known as a new first year student.
  • Trends, sports, spring break, classes: Use your imagination!

What’s in it for you? You’ll not only compile some great clips with your byline, but also have a ready-made audience for your essays and posts.