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Colleges with No Online Application Fees

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Are you trying to avoid the costs of college application fees? Certain schools allow students to apply to college without paying the standard fee.

These days, to save time and meet college application deadlines,  many students fill out their college applications online.

We’ve complied a list of schools that don’t charge college application fees when applying online:

Free Online Applications

Is the school you’re looking for not on the list? Check with the school itself about its application fee policy.

14 Responses to “Colleges with No Online Application Fees”

  1. Gabriel Torres Says:

    Looking for a university with no enrollment fees, my interest of study is criminal justice. I was enroll in the the university of phoenix, but did not complete my course due to a auto accident on Dec, this cause me to fail two classes even after I try too explain. My loan is not a default at this time and would love to complete what I started.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Your list is missing Case Western Reserve University

  3. mayowa Says:

    please hep me with a nice school in usa

  4. Sarah Says:

    Tulane University also has a free online application.

  5. ukadike charles Says:

    Please help me with colleges with no application fees, Toefl and SAT in the USA.

  6. Ahmed Eraj Says:

    Hello, I’m an American citizen living in Bangladesh. I’m willing to apply at community colleges in California. Are there any community colleges in CA which don’t charge application fees? Any of your inputs will be appreciated. Thank you

  7. Amy at University Language Says:

    There are many colleges (including those on the extended list following the link at the end of our post) that don’t charge application fees. We encourage you to research colleges in California to find which one is right for you. This post may help:
    Good luck,

  8. jocelyne Says:

    Pls am a girl frm nigeria willing to study in canada and am looking for a university that does nt require addmission fee to register

  9. Tamara Krause Says:

    Furman now charges $50 and Drexel charges $60, unless you qualify for a fee waiver based on your family’s income.

  10. Kaytie at University Language Says:

    Hi Tamara,

    Thanks for keeping us updated. You’re right, now Furman does charge for online applications. However, Drexel still waives the fee for online applications: .

    Kaytie at Legal Language

  11. Lauren M Says:

    Are there any colleges in New York City or Brooklyn with no application fee?

  12. Emmanuel Says:

    Please i am looking for a university in Lithuania or Malta with no application fee which resumes in February .


  13. Amina Says: is a great school in NYC and I( attend the Bklyn campus. Apply for free online

  14. Alexandra Says:

    I am looking for an online college with no fee to apply…but also with an online application…?

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